Laura Mennell

Having worked in television and film for the past decade, Laura has made extensive television appearances on popular series such as THE 4400, THE L WORD, DEAD LIKE ME, STARGATE SG-1, and FALLEN, to name a few.

Recently, she has filmed a supporting role in Warner Brother’s highly anticipated film WATCHMEN (in theatres March 2009)  where she plays Janey Slater, the love interest of John Osterman/Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup). A preview of select scenes to the press in October, had Ain’t It Cool News remarking on the “palpable chemistry between John Osterman (Billy Crudup) and fellow physicist Janey Slater (the stunning Laura Mennell)…”.

Laura has also starred as Lily in Lifetime’s MONTANA SKY, opposite the likes of John Corbett, Diane Ladd, Ashley Williams and Charlotte Ross in 2007. In 2008 she has also had the pleasure of working with Steven Seagal in the film RUSLAN, playing none other than his daughter Lanie Drachev.

Her most recognizable role to date, however, is her supporting role as Elizabeth Wainio in A&E’s Emmy Nominated FLIGHT 93 in 2006. Cary Darling, from Star Telegram writes that “it’s the cell phone calls home to loved ones that are the most heart-rending … with passenger Elizabeth Wainio’s (Laura Mennell) moment of silence with her mom (Gwynyth Walsh) being especially powerful, Flight 93 truly soars.”

But work aside – when Laura isn’t in front of the camera or cramming for auditions – she enjoys cooking delicious curry dishes, watching films, hanging out with friends and spending quality time with her devilish cat Louie.


One thought on “Laura Mennell

  1. Laura’s great… but she was not discovered during a modeling shoot. She’s always been an actor, not model.

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