John Abraham

I am a Mumbaiite. I have lived in Mumbai (Bombay) all my life. I have grown up here, studied here. I’ve played hard and rough through my years at Bombay Scottish School and in college. I’ve earned the respect of friends and the love of a few women. I’ve had my bones broken a few times, and my heart broken a lot.

As a student, I was just a bit above average, always in the top 15 in the class. I never had trouble with academics, but I was never a geek either. I captained the soccer team for Bombay Scottish for a while. I loved soccer, and would have loved to take it up as a career, but apparently, the universe had other plans for me.

I was always an athlete. In school, my forte was the sprint: 100 and 200 meter dashes. There’s something tremendously exhilarating about rushing in front of everybody else in a race. Somehow, that rush never left me. I just do pretty much the same thing these days, except, on motorbikes.

College was good. I did my BA (Hons) in economics. I also took up Taekwondo, under master Javed Khan. That was a stern exercise in discipline and physical toning. Javed Khan is a great teacher. I believe he took up an assignment in Los Angeles, teaching the SWAT force.

After my BA, I went on to do my MMS from Mumbai Educational Trust (MET). I passed out of the course in 1998. I dare say, with still, no clue about what life had in store for me.


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