Ben Barnes

Name: Benjamin Barnes
Birth Date: 20th August, 1981
Location: London, England, UK.
Height: 1.83m
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown

Ben Barnes is an English actor, born on the 20th of August in 1981. He attended Kingston University, studying Drama and English Literature, and was a member of the National Youth Music Theatre. Ben started his acting career in small roles on English television shows such as ‘Liquid News’, ‘Making Up Your Mind’, ‘Doctors’ and ‘Split Decision’. However, Barnes’ big break was in his theatrical involvement in ‘The History Boys’, playing Dakin. Later on, Barnes featured on two new films, ‘Bigga Than Ben’ and ‘Stardust’.

However, Barnes then cut short his contract with ‘The History Boys’ as he was offered the role of Prince Caspian in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’. Barnes then signed up with the Narnia filming cast for two Narnia films playing Prince Caspian in ‘Narnia: Prince Caspian’ and in ‘Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’.

Ben plays the character of John Whittaker in the upcoming movie ‘Easy Virtue’. He has also signed on to play Dorian Gray in ‘Dorian Gray’, the latest adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel. Both films are set to be released in 2009.


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