Kate Bosworth


Catherine Anne Bosworth was born on January 2, 1983 in Los Angeles, California and was raised in Cohasset, Massachussetts. She sang at country fairs and was in the community theater production of “Annie.” However that was not the end of being in the spotlight. After getting a taste of the spotlight she auditoned for a movie and was casted as the leading girl’s best friend in Robert Redford’s 1998 movie “The Horse Whisperer.” She had intentionally went to the audition of the movie just for the experience of auditioning never realizing she could actually get the part, but she did. Kate took 18 months off because she was afraid that having an early film career would take away from the fun of being a child and went back to her sports where it is said she played varsity soccer and lacrosse and is a champion equestrain.
She later on returned to acting where she was casted in the short-lived WB Telvesion series, “Young Americans.” After “Young Americans” was off the air in the summer of 2000, Kate starred in such movies as “Remember The Titans” and “The Newcomers.” Kate later starred in “Blue Crush” where she portrayed a sassy girl surfer who wants to make it on top in a man’s sport. The movie got hot raved reviews all over and won Kate a few awards. After Blue Crush Kate got a role in “The Rules of Attraction” by Roger Avery which co-starred “Young Americans” Ian Sommerholder as well as James Van Der Beek and Shannon Sossymann. Not long after Kate made her big screen flash with “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton” and “Wonderland” both getting great reviews and was jam-packed with amazing cast members to share the screen with. In between those projects she played a part in “Advantage Hart” which was not really a hit. She is currently working on new films such as “Beyond the Sea” “Bee Season” and “Sin City”. As for Kate’s social life, she formerly dated fellow “Young Americans” co-star Matt Czuchry who starred in “Eight-Legged Freaks” for last two years and is currently dating “Lord of the Rings” mega star Orlando Bloom.
Besides being a beauty in the fame spotlight, Kate has got the brains. In school she was part of the National Honor Society (it’s a club in school for really smart kids!) and was quite the intellegent student. Still not convinced about her smarts? She graduated from Cohasset High School and was accepted into Princeton Universtity but deferred her acceptance to persue her career. Not long ago, Kate gave up her spot at Princeton to continue acting. She may not be going to Princeton now, but she can be found glowing and gracing us with her presence on screen.
From VH1.com:
A champion equestrian whose film debut came by chance after she auditioned for a role in Robert Redford’s The Horse Whisperer (1998) out of simple
curiosity about the film industry, actress Kate Bosworth’s inherent natural beauty has perfectly suited her to roles in such earthy films as her aforementioned debut and Blue Crush (2002), which found Bosworth taking the lead as an adrenalized competitive surfer who finds her balance shifting as she falls for a promising quarterback. Born in 1983 in Los Angeles, Bosworth displayed both brains and athletic skill early on with her membership in the National Honor Society and involvement with varsity soccer and lacrosse. Though her previous acting experience consisted of little more than an appearance in a community theater production of Annie, Bosworth’s film debut in The Horse Whisperer found the burgeoning actress carefully considering a full-time career in front of the cameras. After taking an 18-month sabbatical during which she weighed her options and finished her high school education, Bosworth returned to the sound stage for roles in the short-lived television series The Young Americans, and such features as Remember the Titans and The Newcomers (both 2000). Developing into an engaging screen presence, Bosworth would next hit the waves during production of the romantic surf drama Blue Crush. In addition to her film work, Bosworth gave back to her community by volunteering in a Los Angeles-based program that helps physically disabled children learn to ride horses.

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