Cannes Film Festival

In 2009, the President Gilles Jacob, the Board of the Festival de Cannes and I want, more than ever, to project the Festival in the future. Following the sixtieth anniversary in 2007, a new cycle has opened on the Croisette.
A natural cycle, primarily, since a new period has commenced which will lead us up to the 70th anniversary in 2017. A symbolic cycle too, since there is a question on all our lips, and in our eyes too: what will the Festival de Cannes be like in ten years time? No one knows – especially us! – and yet, we must anticipate, guess and encourage this future.

Because cinema itself is constantly changing the boundaries, because the world it reflects is more indiscernible than ever, the Festival will not simply coast along on the prestige of its name, however strong that may be. This prestige is above all due to the quality of the films, the creativity of the artists, the fighting spirit of the professionals and the enthusiasm of the press. Cannes is a collective good that each of us, wherever we are
and in our own individual way, builds stone by stone, year after year. It’s through never ceasing to question, through constantly evolving, and through inviting criticism, that we do it the most good. Although solidly rooted in its own history, Cannes is always open to newness. That which is dissimilar to it enriches it: and this is why this festival is our festival.


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