Sophia Myles

Sophia Myles was born in Notting Hill on the 18th March 1980. At the age of 11, she moved to Isleworth, a west London suburb, and spent the majority of her late teens there.

She is the daughter of a local vicar, and was a straight A student at the comprehensive school which she attended.

After leaving school she attended Richmond College and took a course in Drama (amongst others). Her Teacher, Kevin Broadway says, “I’ve taught drama for about 20 years and there were about five people in that time who really stood out. She’s one of the best, very talented and I’m really proud of her.”

Sophia’s Break

When she was 16, she was spotted by Oscar winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes in a school production of ‘Teachers’ by the Hull-based playwrite John Godber. Kevin Broadway remembers the play, a dark comedy on wasted youth, “She played the role of a frustrated 5th former, and she played it incredibly well. She can play people completely different from herself.”

This led to her being cast in the BBC film The Prince & The Pauper, and that was the beginning of Sophia’s real acting career.

Her original ambition was to study philosophy at Cambridge University (where she had been accepted) after achieving straight A grades at A-level. Fortunately, for the rest of us, she chose not to go to Cambridge, and instead decided to pursue a career in acting. A career which is proving to be very sucessful indeed. Good move Sophia :o)


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