Alicia Witt

Alicia Roanne Witt was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, on August 21, 1975 Alicia had learned to read by the time she was 6 months old and at age 4, she appeared on ABC’s That’s Incredible and NBC’s Today, reciting Shakespeare.

Amazing! At 7 years old, Witt knew how to play classical piano and won several piano competitions in the years that followed. Amazing! She got her high school diploma at the age of 14. When she got her high school diploma she moved out to Los Angeles to work out her acting repertoire. She starred at the age of 9 in the science fiction hit movie Dune. In Los Angeles she played the piano at a hotel to make money to live from. She then starred in the tv series Twin Peaks and afterwards in the 93 film Bodies, Rest and Motion and also in Hotel Room. She got the Special Jury Award for playing Bonnie in the movie Fun and starred in the made for television film The Disappearance of Vonnie. She then was cast as Zoey in the CBS sitcom series Cybill.

She was then cast as a horrible clarinet player in Mr. Holland�s Opus in 95. she then starred in one of the parts of the Tarantino movie Four Rooms. She starred next to Burt Reynolds and Kelly Prston in Citizen Ruth. She starred in the big screen movie Bongwater and loaned her voice for a character in the animation film Gen 13. She then starred in Urban Legend. After that she starred next to James Bond alter-ego Timothy Dalton. She starred next to Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky. And afterwards she starred next to Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant in Two weeks Notice, which indeed had great succes. She is a beautiful and witted actress.

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