Michael Madsen


MICHAEL MADSEN is most notably recognized for his role as the sadistic killer, Mr. Blonde, in Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. Although his career has leaned towards playing tough guys, partly because of his strong 6’2″ stature and husky voice, Michael has been working to change that image. Most recently, he gave a remarkable performance in Strength and Honour as Sean Kelleher, a boxer who had promised his dying wife that he would never fight again. When their son becomes ill after her death, he must go back in the ring and fight in order to pay for the exorbitant cost of his son’s medical treatment.

https://i1.wp.com/allday.ru/uploads/posts/2009-05/1242547709_michael_madsen.jpgMICHAEL MADSEN’s career spans over 25 years and over 170 films. He has played memorable characters in a myriad of box office hits, including Kill Bill, Sin City, Hell Ride, Die Another Day, Donnie Brasco, Species, The Getaway, The Doors, Thelma & Louise, and yes, he played the loving father in Free Willy.


Michael also is an accomplished poet. His eighth book of poetry is being released on September 25th. Click on the poetry link for more information.

Michael continues to turn in memorable performances and continues to stretch as an actor. Some believe his best work is yet to come.


One thought on “Michael Madsen

  1. michael sure is a big star and a good actor hope to join in one of his workshop madsen you were such an inspiration to me continue for hard work and many projects to come good luck

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