Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan was born on April 12th 1994 to proud parents Paul and Monica Ronan in New York City, New York. Although she was born in the United States, Saoirse was moved to Ardattin, Ireland with her parents when she was still young. Her father, Paul Ronan, is a famous actor in his own right, starring in films like The Devil’s Own with Brad Pitt. As a baby, Saoirse accompanied her father to the set of The Devil’s Own and was carried and held by Brad Pitt.

In 2003, she booked her first role, a recurring television role, as Rhiannon Geraghty on The Clinic for 4 episodes. 2005, she booked another television role as Orla Boland on Proof, also for 4 episodes. From there, it was impossible to stop her!

In 2006 came along her first movie role, a starring role, in a movie also starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Paul Rudd. She played the maturing witty daughter of Michelle’s character, Izzie. The film was called I Could Never Be Your Woman. Though it turned out underrated, the light comedy proved to be Saoirse’s first great movie when it was released. Next up, was perhaps Saoirse’s biggest role yet! She was booked to play the evil character Briony Tallis at age 13 in the war-time drama Atonement based on the book of the same name, that also had big names Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, and Vanessa Redgrave signed on.

When the film released in 2008, Saoirse received an armload of awards nominations and wins for her performance as Briony. She gained the admiration of many. As a result of the film, she was nominated for an Academy Award! Although she didn’t win, she had still done her job as an actress by capturing the love (and hate) of many people. Who says evil isn’t good?

Next up, Saoirse booked the part of Lina Mayfleet in the science-fiction adventure film, City of Ember. The film co-starred Harry Treadaway as Lina’s best friend Doon Harrow, Martin Landau as an overworking old handyman, and Bill Murray as the schemeing, stealing mayor. It was filmed in the Titanic quarters of the Belfast paint hall. Even though the movie seemed to be highly anticipated, opening weekend at the box office failed, after underadvertising, ending at #11. Though it was her largest film role to date, being featured in about 95% of the film, it wasn’t as successful as anyone had hoped. Even so, she did earn several award nominations for her performance.

Another part that also earned her several award nominations was her performance as Benji McGarvie in Death Defying Acts. Death Defying Acts follows a con-artist mother and her daughter as they meet Harry Houdini in his last public performance in Edinburgh, Scotland before his death. Saoirse’s performance was one of her best, as she used her keen ear for accents, having to use a Scottish accent.

Saoirse can more recently be seen in The Lovely Bones, playing the lead role of Susie Salmon. The film follows the story of Susie, a victim of murder. Susie watches her greiving family and her cold-blooded murderer from Heaven. She watches as her sister falls in love for the first time, as her father becomes obsessed with vengeance, and as her mother falls apart at the seams. The film is directed by Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of The Rings movies. Filming took place in Pennsylvania and New Zealand in late 2007 and early 2008. Though the film opened to mixed reviews, there was one thing that was certain: Saoirse’s performance stole the show! As a result, she was nominated for an arm load of awards, including Leading Actress by the BAFTAs and Best Young Actor by the Saturn Awards. She even scored Best Actress at the IFTAs!

In 2010, Saoirse will once again play a pivotal role in Peter Weir’s WWII drama The Way Back. Based on a true story, The Way Back tells the story of seven multi-national prisoners as they trek across thousands of miles of hostile terrain en-route to India and their freedom. Saoirse will play Irena, a young Polish girl. Though it has yet to find a distributor in the United States, early reviews appear promising and Saoirse is already being hotly tipped for another Oscar nomination! She has recently begun filming Hanna, in which she plays the title character, a 14-year-old girl who is described as “a cold-hearted killing machine”. She will reunite with the director of her first major film, Joe Wright. We can expect to see Saoirse lots of places in the future! We certainly won’t ever be disappointed by her.

Even though Saoirse has a lot on her plate, she still has time to live a normal life. She is currently homeschooled in Ardattin, and enjoys playing basketball. She also enjoys playing with her previous Border Collie, Sassy.


Name: Saoirse Ronan
Current Age: 16
Birth Date: 12th April 1994
Birth Place: New York City, New York
Currently Resides: County Carlow, Ireland
Height: 5’6″
Parents: Paul and Monica Ronan
Pets: Border Collie, Sassy


001. Her first name is Irish and means “freedom”.
002. Keira Knightley is her role model.
003. As a baby, accompanied her dad Paul on the set of The Devil’s Own and was picked up by Brad Pitt.
004. Her father is established actor Paul Ronan, known for films like The Devil’s Own and Veronica Guerin.
005. Her parents are Paul and Monica Ronan.
006. Has a border collie dog named Sassy.
007. Was in New Zealand when it was announced that she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Atonement.
008. Was ranked #23 on Entertainment Weekly’s 2008 ’30 Under 30′ actress list.
009. Although she was born in New York City, she was raised in Ireland.
010. She doesn’t watch football (soccer), but supposes she supports Manchester United.
011. She says she misses her dog Sassy the most whilst she’s away from home.
012. Her favorite books are “City of Ember” and “The Secret of Platform 13”.
013. Has an uncanny ear for accents, including English and American.
014. Is the eleventh youngest actress to be nominated for an Academy Award.
015. She moved to Ireland when she was 3 years of age from the Bronx and has lived there ever since.
016. Likes Hollywood, but doesn’t want to live there.
017. She is a fan of Lady Gaga and Fleetwood Mac.
018. She received the charm bracelet her character Susie wears in The Lovely Bones as a gift.
019. She is currently homeschooled.
020. She loves the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video on Youtube.
021. She learned to surf in Ireland during the summer of 2009.


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