Delain was founded by Martijn Westerholt and Charlotte Wessels. Westerholt is the ex-keyboardist and brother of one of the founders of Within Temptation, Robert Westerholt. He left Within Temptation in 2001 when he suffered from Pfeiffer’s disease (mono). Wessels was, at that time, an unknown singer living near Westerholt. They started Delain, as a project involving much of Westerholt’s friends in the Symphonic Metal Community, in 2002, and began recording the debut album in July 2005, after they had signed a contract with Roadrunner Records.

For their first album Lucidity they invited several well known musicians: Marco Hietala from Nightwish and Tarot (bass, vocals), Liv Kristine from Leaves’ Eyes (vocals), Ariën van Weesenbeek from ex-God Dethroned, Epica (drums), Ad Sluijter from ex-Epica (guitar), George Oosthoek (growling) and Guus Eikens, both former members of Orphanage, Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation (vocals) and Jan Yrlund from Imperia (guitar).

Delain’s first album Lucidity was to be released April 2006, but was postponed to the end of May and postponed again to 21 August before it was finally released on 4 September. Samples of their music have been released on their website, and full versions of the songs Sleepwalker’s Dream and The Gathering, as well as the music video for the song Frozen. From Lucidity they released the singles Frozen, See Me In Shadow and The Gathering, the last one being a download-only single.

With the success of Lucidity, Delain turned into a touring band, rather than a project. The band then consisted of Martijn Westerholt (keyboard) and Charlotte Wessels (vocals), the only two members who appeared on the album. Furthermore, the band consisted of Rob van der Loo (bass), Ronald Landa (guitar) and Sander Zoer (drums).

At the end of 2007, Delain stated that they intended to release a second album in 2008, and began playing two new songs live, “Stay Forever” & “Start Swimming”. In November 2008, it was announced on their official website that the new album, April Rain, would be released on 9 February 2009. Also, they played a new song on Dutch television called I’ll Reach You. This turned out to be a different version of the song than would appear on the forthcoming album.

Since then, April Rain has been coincide with foreign release dates. The first single from the album was the title track April Rain. The second single from this album was Stay Forever.

In February 2010 Delain announced they had started working on their third album, and that bassist Rob van der Loo would leave the band the same year due to time constraints.. In March Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije was announced as Rob’s successor.


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