Alexa Davalos

Alexa Davalos

Alexa Davalos Dunas was born in Paris, France on May 28, 1982; and although born in France she comes from Greek decent. An only child fluent in English, Greek, and French; Alexa relocated to Los Angeles from New York. She made her first screen appearance in John Frankenheimer’s “Riviera” when she was 3. Her love of performing took root when her family relocated to New York City and Davalos became involved with ballet. Following her mother (Elyssa Davalos, a notable television and theater actress) and grandfather (Richard Davalos, legendary for his performance as James Dean’s brother in “East of Eden”)from set to set allowed Davalos a unique insight into the world of acting.

Throughout Davalos’ childhood, her mother continued training with Stella Adler. Davalos sat in on some of those classes and remembers the
experience as having a profound impact on her desire to act. In her early teen years, she spent most of her time on location or in the theater with her mother, doing anything to be involved. It was also around this time that she made her first commercial with Patty Hansen. She has worked as a model with such prominent photographers as Peter Lindbergh and her father, Jeff Dunas, and has been studying acting in
New York at The New School and working at the renowned Flea Theater.

The brunette stunner spent the ensuing years modeling and appearing in theatrical productions while also pursuing her love of ballet. By 2002, Alexa was ready for her breakout. She entered primetime that year with an appearance in FOX’s quirky show Undeclared in addition to a recurring role as ass kicker Gwen Raiden in Angel.

Before Angel, Alexa co-starred with Vin Diesel in “The Chronicles of Riddick” and also co-starring Thandie Newton, Judi Dench and Colm Feore.She was seen in Larry Gelbart’s “And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself,” directed by Bruce Beresford for HBO Films, opposite Antonio Banderas. The film is based on the story of Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who made a deal with legendary Hollywood director D.W. Griffith and Harry Aitken to help the filmmakers stage the first Hollywood action movie by essentially putting the cameras right in the middle of battle. Davalos played Teddy Sampson, a young actress starring in the film whose acting chops allowed her to portray someone else after cameras stopped rolling.

Prior to that, Davalos starred in “The Ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald ,” in 2002, a Charles Lyons’ directorial debut. This short film follows James Powell, a college senior, who falls for Bess Gunther, played by Davalos, a sophomore. However, the attractive Bess is deeply in love with F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Scotty, as she likes to call him. The obsession leads Bess down a road James prefers not to follow. Years later, he wonders whether she’s the one that got away. “The Ghost of F. Scott Fitzgerald,” an official selection to the 2002 Toronto Film Festival, and in “Disturbing the Peace,” the directorial debut of noted writer Mark Bomback, for the 2002 Sundance Institute’s Director’s Lab. The project is writer/director Bomback’s adaptation of a Richard Yates novel. The story follows a suburbanite who thinks his life should be so extraordinary he makes rash decisions in the hopes of attaining it. Davalos stars as a young woman who has an affair with him to test the boundaries of her power over men.

Alexa Davalos most recently starred as Diane Keaton’s daughter in “Surrender, Dorothy,” a telepicture dealing with a mother’s loss of her child. Davalos also starred in the FOX short-lived series “Reunion” where a group of adolescents were followed throughout a 20 year period allowing fans to unravel a web of lies, secrets, and murder. Currently, Alexa is exploring her options and seeing what is out there and Alexa Davalos Web will be the first to report on her next move.


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