The seed of CoreWay was sown in Early spring 2009, when winter still had its grip on the country of the north: Sweden.

Mike and Pete had only been aquinted to eachother for a month, but things were about to happen in a short time.

Mike had for a few years had the idea of making Dance Music including electric guitars, but had yet to found a guitarist with the skills and interest in this kind of project.

He invited Pete to a jamming session in his studio to check for skills and musical interest. It was an instant match. Not only did they work extraordinary well in the studio, but they also had a similar view of music.

Almost instantly they became very close friends, and it became clear that this was the person Mike had been looking for. He approached Pete with his idea of fusing Dance with Rock, and they decided to give it a shot.

And so…as the first Light of Summer came, CoreWay was born!


Mikael Baggström – Biography

Mikael  started his musical life with simple flute lessons at the age of 8,  which progressed to Piano a year later, and he continued taking piano  lessons up to the age of 15.

In high school, he took up the art of DJ´ing and was fascinated with both PA-Sound and Light Effects.

At 16 he produced his first track, which was played at some local parties.

In 2001 he started a collaboration with Bas van Dijk from  Holland, forming the act known as “Lost Lagoon”. They produced many  tracks, some of which were played on major Dance Events.

A few years later, he wanted to deepen his knowledge in music, and  began studying music theory. He set his mind to explore the possibilites  and his goal to become a composer for the TV/Film/Computer-industry.

He produced many tracks, and started building his network in the  industry, but in 2009 he formed the new act “CoreWay” together with  Peter Strömberg.

And while he is still fixed on his goal in becoming a successful full-time composer CoreWay will take up much time and energy and is now the major focus.

Peter Strömberg – Biography

Peter  Strömberg is a guitarist and songwriter who grew up with in the very  vein of the 80’s rock scene. Starting his musical endeavors at the age  of 15, he began to explore the powerful riffs and melodies of famous  bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden.

In a rapid speed he grew talent in both technique and tone, and  enjoyed the experience of playing live at various clubs and events with a  rock band.

After a few years of playing it was made clear that the heavy  practicing and rehearsing had served as stepping stones for a new phase  of studio recordings and song writing in his musical career. Inspired by  the roots of classic rock and modern metal, the foundations of his band  EmberStorm was completed in the middle of 2006, which resulted in his  first debut album entitled Memories of Time three years later.

The style of Peter Strömbergs compositions is a mixture of various  rock elements, stretching all the way from clean acoustic to fast and  technical solos and scales. In the formation of CoreWay, Peter  contributes with melodic ideas and a second angle of producer experience  from the rock scene.
The variety of guitar contributions and effects across the album  will most certainly lead to situations where some of the riffs will be  interpreted as synthesizers instead of guitars.

Besides from music, Peter is currently  working to obtain a degree in Business Administration and Economics at  one of the Swedish universities. He likes to read and watch movies, and  his motto is to seize the point rather than day.



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